Open Mic & showcase

Mixing the old with the new, presenting different genres and styles; experienced and up-coming artistes/ groups drop by and do their thing; LIVE!

Honestly, it's what evenings where made for; laid-back, chilled with just a little bit of an edge, it's 'Mixed'.

With an emphasis on quality and feel good vibes, our next session is set to take it all to a higher level, you are welcome to join us then.

To be kept informed of future events, please send an email with your full name and number to:

Date: Wednesday 21st June 2006

Venue: RADA Foyer Bar (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)
Address: Malet St. London WC1E 7HY (click on post code for multi map)

Tube; Goodge St. (5 mins walk)

Start time: 7.30pm till late - Doors open 5pm

Entry: FREE

Open-mic: Between 7.30 & 8.15pm (sign on from 7.15pm)

Notes to performers: MIXED is all about playing live, we do not permit the use of backing tracks.

Showcase: 8.30pm till close

Showcase Artiste(s)

8.30pm - Marie Batchelder

9.00pm - Sarah Williams-White

9.30pm - Corinne

10.00pm - Ellie Myles

10.30pm - Del Blake

Artistes Profiles

8.30pm - Marie Batchelder: Managed by 'Big Help Music', singer/ songwriter Marie was spotted while performing at the graduation shows for 'Teen Idol' in 2004. Alisha Keys meets Joss Stone provides a clue to her sound. Surprisingly for someone of such tender years, there is a maturity and sincerity to her music that is quite something. Even when stripped down to the bare essentials of just piano and voice, Marie has that special quality in her music that can draw you in and hold you close. She is definitely an artiste whose star is in the ascendancy, catch her live at 'Mixed'


9.00pm - Sarah Williams-White: Songwriter/ singer, lyricist & pianist... she has been writing stuff since primary school. It all started with poems about ducks & stuff, then came the singing - if u can call it that in a girl band of 10yr olds! However, during the intervening years musicians and songwriters have given her ears so much joy... So much so that music has become a part of her. Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB, Funk, Blues, Rock, Latin, African, DnB, Garage/ Grime; Sarah more or less has an appreciation for everything and anything that is good quality irrespective of genre. It is this open-mindedness that really enriches her sound and songwriting; if you're into Soulful/ Jazzified laidback vibes, this is one song-stress who'll do it for you.


9.30pm - Corinne: London based and still in her early twenties, Corinne posses a voice, style and playing ability which far exceeds her age. A musical girl who plays a number of instruments, she has been writing her own music and songs for 3 years. With a mix of musical influences evident in her sound, she can be described as a Soulful/ Jazzy performer. A former member of her University Gospel choir, she takes a lot of influence from Gospel music, Reggae, Motown, Soul, Folk and Jazz, not the norm for girl of Irish decent who was classically trained and had previously been involved in choirs, orchestras and wind ensembles.

With a current catalogue of over 20 songs, this is an exciting time for Corinne as she looks forward to the future. There is still a lot more to come from this girl, so watch this space...


10.00pm - Ellie Myles: Singer/ songwriter Ellie has been writing her own material for over four years, after playing acoustically on the London circuit for over a year, Ellie decided to form a band to really show what her music was about. Having supported Matt Goss at the opening of his UK tour and more recently Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters at the Animal Beach Ball Festival in Newquay - Ellie is really learning her trade and picking up new fans everywhere she plays! With regular London gigs Ellie and her band are also looking forward to performing at some of the UK's major festivals in 2006...... This time round she graces the microphone at Mixed, prepare to be bewitched.


10.30pm - Del Blake: Like so many Soul singers, Del grew up singing in the church. His musical tendencies were encouraged by friends and family and over time he taught himself to play several instruments including guitar and keyboards.

In the age of the bedroom producer and the home studio, Del took to recording the songs he wrote and distributing them at performances around London and the UK. This led to Kevin Lyttle of ‘Turn Me On’ fame recording one of these songs, ‘So High’ for his debut album.

Citing influences such as Prince, Omar, D’Angelo and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Del has crafted a beautifully layered sound that invokes the Soul singers of yesteryear while remaining firmly rooted in the new millennium. With a sound that is easy on the ear, his is a style that will gently persuade you to listen... Get a mid week boost to your systems, experience the scintillating sounds of Del Blake!


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